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Welcome to Dan Vega's personal Website

Congratulations on making it to the very end of the Internet. This is the personal website of Daniel Vega, a 32 yr old guy from Cleveland. This unique address on the internet ( serves a couple of purposes but its main reason for existence is my blog. I love to write about programming, technology or whatever else is on my mind at the time. If others can come to this site learn from my experiences then the cost of hosting this site is well worth it.

I have worked very hard to get to where I am as a programmer. While most people go home from work and relax I am constantly perfecting my trade. I am a big math nerd who loves a good algorithm and I love that there never is a single way to solve a problem in my line of work. If you would find out a lot more about who I am and what I do please feel free to visit my about page which goes into a lot more details.

I work as a full time Senior Web Developer for STERIS whose world headquarters is right outside of Cleveland OH. I am also available for part time consulting so if you're looking for help on your next project please check out my Resume, portfolio (coming soon) and open source projects that I have worked on.


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